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Overcoming Poverty and Hunger to Help Children in Kenya

Achieving success in life is not an easy task. It is not only our abilities and efforts that determine our accomplishments but the social and family circumstances that surround us also play a decisive role in....

The Pollination Project

In partnership with Coaches Across Continents

Mathare Coaches Pave the Way for Gender Equality and Child Protection

In a transformative four-day on-field training, Mathare’s dedicated coaches immersed themselves in a dialogue that transcends the boundaries of sports. Facilitated by seasoned mentors hailing from the very heart of Mathare, the focus extended far beyond .....

A Week Of On-Field Training In Nairobi

In a world of endless possibilities, sports serve as a universal language that bridges gaps, instills values, and shapes tomorrow’s leaders. At Green-Kenya, we empower children to create a greener future through sports. Our coaches and .....

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What do Children and Young people get from Sports?

When Coaches are asked about what Children get from Sports, they always say things like; Respect, Interpersonal skills, teamwork, self-esteem, work ethics, Fun, and friendship. Most of the things Coaches say falls into the area of psychological development. The...


The Coaches decision-making model

The Coaching Decision-Making Model draws the coach’s attention to key areas that will give them an in-depth understanding of their situation, life, and circumstances. This awareness will then help them make the most effective decision moving forward. The model...


Collaboration for Environmental Literacy

Green-Kenya is working closely with 10 Billion Strong and Wise Hub, in partnership with U.S. Embassy Nairobi, to implement a 12month program to engage civil society organizations and high school and university students in activities that advance environmental justice...


Youth leader Spotlight: Titus Musyoka

My name is Titus Makau Musyoka, my friends call me “Marcelo” aged 24 years. My family consists of 4 people; my mother2 siblings and I . I was born in 1998 Dec 20th and was bred and brought up...



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