My name is Titus Makau Musyoka, my friends call me “Marcelo” aged 24 years. My family consists of 4 people; my mother2 siblings and I . I was born in 1998 Dec 20th and was bred and brought up at Mukuru Viwandani Slums. I went to many primary schools before finishing primary level, this was due to financial strains from my mother who has been taking care of us alone since i knew myself, I completed high school in 2018.

I played football from the age of 8 but I realized it’s my talent when I was 12 years and joined a local football team and from then on, I got obsessed with football. In the slums, playing football is like a rite of passage for boys in my hood and I still play up to date though not every day..

Currently I am working with Green-Kenya as a programs officer, we teach through play. I joined the organization in the year 2019 around Mid-July. My efforts, hard work and perseverance has not gone unnoticed and this made the organization to give me more responsibilities and a new position which I highly appreciate. I started as a youth leader then promoted to a Community impact coach(CIC) and now am the programs Officer. I lead one of the most active programs Called Community impact program(CIP) which takes place in Mukuru kwa Rueben and Njenga slums working with three primary schools.

My major roles are to make sure programs are active, we have the right people on the ground for every program, to conduct sessions, lead the team and make sure updates are written after every activity/program. My community needs a lot to reach a certain social development level because it’s a fact that this community among other slum communities has high levels of crime rates, Pollution (Air, water and land), teenage pregnancies, drug and substance abuse and so many social issues affecting the communities. For this reason, I decided to join Green-Kenya which I believe has the solutions to this, like education through fun. Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world and the children are the best change agents. A child grows, talks, wears and behaves exactly how they’ve been taught. My colleagues and I are using CIP Methodology to bring long term solutions in this community and am proud to be a change agent..