The Coaching Decision-Making Model draws the coach’s attention to key areas that will give them an in-depth understanding of their situation, life, and circumstances. This awareness will then help them make the most effective decision moving forward.

The model highlights the first thing the coach should be aware of, like the key characteristics of the context in which they work, because this will impact your Coaching. These characteristics may include but are not limited to;

  1. The vision, mission, and philosophy of the team or the group
  2. The resources available
  3. The expectation of Children and Parents
  4. Any policy or guidelines from the sport’s national governing body

Furthermore, the Coaching decision-making model suggests that Coaches should be aware of their values, beliefs, and behavior. As a Coach, you are going to enjoy coaching more and have better relationships with the participants you Coach, learn faster, and tend to have better results in the long term. One of the benefits of self-awareness is that it allows Coaches to ensure a positive alignment between the philosophy and the values of the team we coach. If these are misaligned, the chances of things not working are much higher..

The next important thing that should be the primary focus for all Coaches is to facilitate decision-making and planning and ensure the precise is effective; ask yourself the following question, WHO are you Coaching? What are you Coaching? And lastly, WHO are you Coaching?

As a coach, you must consider theories and knowledge related to biology, psychology, and sociology. Children are completely different from adults; therefore, what they need and want from sports is different. This will answer the WHO question.

To answer the WHAT question, Coaches need to take into account technical, tactical, and motor development theories and knowledge and use them as thinking tools to build a general or a specific program; put simply, the WHAT question is about deciding WHAT curriculum or syllabus we want Children to learn during our sessions and seasons. This is very important because it provides the final destination and should help Coaches focus and not get distracted by things like winning at an early age at the expense of long-term development.