Social development is about the ability of the Child to relate to others, to form positive relationships, and to understand and adopt positive social norms. On the development of self, this can be described as an understanding of “what it means to be you” and the belief we have about ourselves, Research shows that, when the sport is delivered in an appropriate way, it can give children a sense of identity, global self-worth, self-confidence, a sense of hope and life purpose among other qualities.

Moral development can be defined as the capacity of the individual for moral thinking and behavior for example right and wrong, the comprehension and acceptance of the rules of society.

Another significant growth area linked to sport is cognitive development, which is the ability of the Child to take in, process, and produce information. The benefits of sports at this level have been proven time and again by research, this includes enhancing academic and academic performance, greater capacity for decision-making, and improvement in communication skills.

Finally, there is a set of skills that are difficult to categorize into any of the above areas. Most of them fall into what has been named Life or Professional Skills by researchers. Some of these skills include; An elevated work ethic, Increased self-reliance and self-responsibility, Goal-setting skills, Strong time-management and self-organizational ability A fierce competitiveness Doing all these is not easy. How much you can do depends on your context, for instance how often you coach the Children. The more you train the Children the bigger the impact. Whatever your circumstance, it is worth trying.